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Terri Farley
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Monday, July 12, 2010


Dear Readers,
Want to go on a quick Hawaiian vacation?
I watched the video in the story PANIOLO* POLO
and it returned me to the only polo match I've ever watched.

My strongest memories:
... cordial people who were only too glad to explained the sport to me
...the mingled scents of beach, flowers, smashed grass and horses!
...realizing one of the internationally famed polo ponies (had his own stall on a jet which takes him to Argentina, Europe, etc. to compete!) was a Quarter Horse bred on Dahana Ranch where I do my WILD HORSE ISLAND research
...a big Tongan exercise girl -- over six feet tall -- with a thundercloud of black hair, who was an Amazon** queen in the saddle. The horses LOVED her!


* Paniolos = Hawaiian cowgirls/ cowboys. They pre-dated mainland cowboys by about 50 years

** before Amazon became synonymous with online sales, AMAZONS were known in Greek mythology as a tribe of warrior women and Hippolyta was their queen. Her name means "freer of horses" !

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