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Terri Farley
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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

EGO + Dollar Signs = Death

Dear Readers,
Have you ever wondered what's in the mind of a wild horse contractor?
I've always assumed there's no more than death and dollar signs, but this interview with Sue Cattoor is amazing.

Reporter Steven Long's skill is amazing and the willingness of Cattoor -- whose family business has made her a millionaire -- to admit what she does is chilling.
She talks casually about shooting horses from helicopters, about the fact that there was plenty of water on the Tuscarora range despite what BLM told the federal judge and about the photo of a wild horse which had apparently been driven off a cliff?

“They climbed up on that ledge looking for a way out and didn‘t know how to get back out of it,” Cattoor said.

About that they? Read the story and weep.

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