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Terri Farley
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Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Equine Spirit

Dear Readers,
It's been a long time since I first saw the wild horses of Nevada. From the moment I did, I knew I had to write about them -- especially the colorful and family-bound horses of the Calico Mountains. When the Phantom Stallion galloped into my imagination, his homeland became the Calico Mountain range.
For years, these real horses lived as they were meant to live.
Now, they've been harassed with helicopters, exposed to disease, tormented with branding, castration and watching their families die and be taken away.
These Calico horses have been through so much and yet, when I was out at PV yesterday, they are still alert and interested, not shattered. The black filly tagged 0950 is elegant and moves like a dressage horse as she follows me along the fence. Shell Flower is friskier than I've ever seen her. The little lop-eared filly known to some as Tassel (that's her, below) has become something of a pet. She nudges other horses out of the way to get more than her share of stroking and chat.
The equine spirit is amazing.

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 9:07 AM

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Comments: That's wonderful Ms. Farley!! She is a beautiful horse. However in this picture I cannot make out her left ear. Is it just behind her mane that I cannot see it? Because it appears that their is only a fragment left of her left ear, like it has been torn away or something...

  Hey I'm not sure I'm right but Terri said lop-earred so her ear could have been born that way. It looks bent not torn. The equine spirit is amazing!!
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