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Terri Farley
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Sunday, August 08, 2010

We're Going Where?

Dear Readers,
These two mares, born in the wild Calico Mountains, have traveled a long, sometimes sad road. They've run the range, drinking the scents of sagebrush and cool water of desert springs. They've fled helicopters, watched as their families were torn apart and listened as some died. They've been shuttled from corral to corral, from a Fallon feedlot to the Palomino Valley wild horse center and their photographs have been on the Internet in hundreds of countries.
This time tomorrow, they'll no longer wear red cords and tags around their necks and be known by numbers. Sage and Ghost Dancer will move to their new home at the Wild Horse Sanctuary and meet other wild horses.
The real Phantom Stallion lives there, hidden from human eyes, but I like to imagine them meeting him. Maybe they'll snort, flicked their ears and roll their eyes as they discuss the odd two-legged who got them there.
People have asked if the horses need financial help. YES, any donations would be most appreciated.
The Wild Horse Sanctuary has a button you can click here CALICO HORSES specifically for Sage and Ghost Dancer.
Or make a donation (both are tax deductible) to Wild Horse Mentors of Stagecoach, Nevada, the organization which will be gently trailering the Calico Mountain mares to their new homeWILD HORSE MENTORS
Most of all, we'd appreciate your thoughts and prayers for the safety of our wild horse journey.

p.s. if all goes as planned, photographer CAT KINDSFATHER, who took these photos last week, will be coming along to document the Calico gals' moving day!

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 10:40 AM

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Comments: During these sad and trying times, we can at least take solace in knowing that some mustangs will find a loving home. It is not what Nature intended, but it is far better than warehousing by the BLM, neglect, abuse or slaughter. Thank you.

did you ever get pictures? Would love to see them in their new home.
  I got my Wild Mustang Sierra the same way. She was in a feedlot in Fallon waiting to go to slaughter. Her adopter sold her for slaughter just weeks after he had received his year wait paperwork from the BLM.

Yes Wild Mustangs DO end up in slaughter!!

Thank you for all you do for the Mustangs!
  wonderful story and pictures; bring some sense of solace; knowing these two precious and innocent mares have been rescued !
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