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Terri Farley
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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Foal Rescue Roller-Coaster

DaBubbles & Bear

Dear Readers,
When you daydream about starting your own horse rescue, I bet you never thought of having your laptop stomped by a frustrated, injured foal.
Read on....
Good morning. I am sitting out here listening to, you guessed it, the munching away of the babies. I am also trying to avoid the view that is DaBubbles gaping injuries. I was sitting here feeling pretty sad for myself. Then I got one of those forwarded emails that make you say, "shame on me", my life is great.

One of the reasons I am frustrated (but in perspective now hee hee) is that yesterday DaBubbles tore apart this little space in the carport. We had to separate him from his mom. She had already pretty much weaned him from the nursing, so that is not an issue, but they were still together all the time. The night after the attack, Bubbles stayed in the carport with Honey Bandit and Patches and I. He was actually pretty good, after a few whinnies "good night" to his mom he had settled in nicely. Now Honey Bandit thinks this is great fun. He is having "sleep overs" every night. He and Patches talk to "Bubbles" through the partition and all is well. (as well as can be when you have these medical situations).

Well, yesterday I had to take "B" out and flush out and scrub his wounds. Wow is that a stomach turner. It makes you not only feel sick inside, but kind of mean too. In reality that is what needs to be done and so we do it. But it still doesn't make it pleasant. His wounds are so bad that we can't just put a band aid on them per say. When I took him outside though, he and his mommy thought they needed a great big reunion. Can't say I blamed them, so I did his medicine and treatment right beside her pen. All was good and after awhile they got bored and ignored each other; until, I put him back in his stall. Within about 5 minutes he had trashed the place. He had an absolute tantrum. I so wish I had caught it on video. It would have been hilarious.

He stomped my gallon bottle of water, tipped his over, pulled everything off the bed, cleared the counter which he could only reach standing on his hind legs, and took one tiny little hoof and planted it on the screen of my laptop.
I had to wait until I was almost 50 years old to get my first lap top. It doesn't work to have to bring a monitor, modem etc. Out here while I am taking care of the horses etc. It's not like we have an office. So as you can imagine, I was not happy about the laptop whatsoever.

Now you can't really blame DaBubbles. He is not only torn apart, but now torn away from his mom. No matter how much he likes to hang around "the boys", it is not mommy. After his mom was picked up yesterday, he settled down just fine though. Bear (the dobie) is sleeping in here with him, and Patches and HB, so he will adjust quickly. So for now I borrowed a computer, but will have to get a new one quickly.

A Fish and Game officer came out to "verify" it was a mountain lion attack so they could issue a permit in case he comes back. He was amazed that DaBubbles survived. Most likely thanks to the dogs and his mom.

I know it sounds harsh, but I am glad it wasn't Honey Bandit. His immune system is so compromised that there would be little chance of him surviving such a horrible attack. Cats have such dangerous bacteria in their mouths. DaBubbles is little, but he is strong and healthy, and I am giving him all the love and care possible.

I went in the house this morning to get some coffee, and the kitchen floor was flooded. There is also flooding outside the kitchen window on the porch area also. Poor Matt, it just doesn't stop. He is trying to get the carport modified so it will be okay for winter, and now he has to stop and fix the pipes, or whatever it is.

So I guess we are trying to just sit back and take a breath. Individually, nothing is too big of a deal, well maybe DaBubbles is kind of frightening with the cat and all, but none of it is as bad as having a sick kid etc. But together life's little trials can get overwhelming. I know this is nothing in the scheme of things, but we're human, and sometimes it is a little bit much. However, I am very grateful that I was able to borrow this monitor so I could continue the updates etc.

Hope you have a peaceful and blessed day.


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Posted by Terri Farley @ 12:23 PM

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