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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Unremembered Memories from Palomino

Dear Readers,
Thanks for your patience in checking back on my blog. I've been working behind the scenes for the wild ones & it doesn't come naturally. I'd much rather be writing or clomping around on the range. But talking and using my head as well as my heart can help the horses, too.

Here's an inspiring note from Palomino & a very cute photo of HoneyBandit showing his wild side to buddy Patches.

I have started to print out Honey Bandit's "journey back to life" in pictures. I have to say I am actually in shock when I look at these photos. To date, I have never really cried, except for that one day at the vet.
When I looked at the pictures I realized if I had really "seen" his condition and acknowledged how unlikely it was for him to survive, we couldn't have made it through all of this.
Instead, as so many of you know first hand, we just took it one minute at a time. It is just a steady stream of doing whatever needs to be done. It is not that I didn't think about him dying or living, but I couldn't let the emotions pour out. So many women (and yes, even some of the men who visited), look at him or his previous pictures and would just cry.
I have only printed a few pictures, so far. Little by little I am going to document his whole "journey" up to this point. There are supposed to be some big changes coming up with BLM and what is happening with our wild horses, and Honey Bandit is changing the world of the roundups.
I remember when I saw HB's breast bone protruding out of his chest. I didn't even know what it was. It looked like something that didn't even belong on his body.
It is amazing how quickly you can forget the horrors when you look at Honey Bandit today. The 100's of bites and wounds hardly show. His hearing seems to be "back" most of the time. However, today I came home and for a few minutes again he seemed to hear nothing. But for the most part he can hear nearly everything as far as we can tell.
His energy level is not where it should be, but since he is anemic, I guess that is to be expected. He is perking up with a little more "mommy time". He and Patches play together as if they were the same size. It is pretty interesting to watch them. Patches still is the boss. But they both seem to make sure that neither one of them hurts the other one, at least so far.

It would be really nice though, if they would realize that it is 11:33 p.m. And I need some sleep..... But apparently someone whispered in their ears that this is the absolute best time to play and make noise and kick and crash against the walls. Funny but Honey Bandit heard that little message just fine.

I'm off to bed to try to get a little bit of sleep.

1:06 a.m. Boys were hungry and rowdy. Gave them a little snack and said a prayer that they will go to sleep after. I have to say that looking at HB's pix makes me appreciate all of you and everything you are doing to help Honey Bandit stay a success story. Without ya'll, he wouldn't be here.

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 2:19 PM

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Comments: HoneyBandit is gonna be "a pretty boy ! just give him time to fill out and grow up and shed out...imo
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