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Monday, November 08, 2010

Vet report: HB's mother is doing fine?

Dear Readers,
As a journalist, I don't know what to make of the following info. What do you think?

One of HoneyBandit's followers came upon a vet report which refers to HoneyBandit's mother.
The report is confusing, since Palomino & her friend Jennifer were told on the day they first saw him, that HoneyBandit's mother was an old mare with no milk and, as you might recall, BLM personnel told them the beaten foal's mother could not be located.
That was on Sept. 2.
That just doesn't mesh with the vet report:
Twin Peaks Gather Processing/Inspection September 20,2010
The other buckskin/dull mare that was with her upfront is the mare to the foal that is now referred to as 'Honey Bandit'. She apparently is letting another foal or two nurse her. She has been processed and is 7yrs old and # 1740, she is doing well and gaining weight.

Want to read the rest of the report? Click here:
Twin Peaks Vet Report

If link doesn't work for you, try posting this in your browser:


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Posted by Terri Farley @ 4:23 AM

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Comments: Good morning, the link to that report is gone. It also does not show up as any vet reports through blm's site for sept 2 or 20 .....
Hmmmm worked last night when I set this up. Let me see what I can do.
Here's the link:

I first was alerted to this by a comment by Laura Houston written on Dottie Smith's Oct. 31st blog. If a viewer goes directly to the Litchfield Corrals website, all the vet reports for September are INCORRECTLY listed as "8-__-2010"; however, once they are clicked open, they reveal Sept. vet reports. Several reports and sources of information do not match up!

Great info from an eyewitness, all.
  Oh terri:
I am going to polite.

But why did it take the BLM 3 WEEKS to figure out who was Bandit's mom?

What did they do? Throw a handful of matches up in air and how they landed determined who would be his mommy?

And assuming they knew way back when who was his mommy why didn't they put them back together again?

Bandidt is still suffering. This insane junk science stuff has to end. Lives are at risk.

As evil as the Cattoor's are--Sun J the new roundup company is by FAR WORSE. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
  Anonymous... BLM is not our enemy. We have to get to the source of the operation, our government. We cannot get anything ecomplished by using name-calling at these companies no matter how much we despise what they are doing.

We can only work our hardest to get people into the leadership that will help our mustangs.

  Rach I was speaking more to the new contractors. The Cattoor's have done their fare share of abuse but this new co. is by far worse.
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