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Terri Farley
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Dear Readers,
Each time I look away from the computer and out the window, I see a bright hillside studded with pinion pines. From here, it doesn't even look cold, but thermometer says:32.8 F.
Zito the dog says: don't be a sissy -- walk time!
I'll be writing all morning, then going to Federal Court to see if Judge Hicks will finally make BLM abide by the First Amendment. He TOLD them to, of course, but he was ignored. To date, the legal system has just shrugged off violations.
You can read more about the case (and see where we'll be):
In addition, you might want to read this article and read reaction to my quote:
The comments are revealing. People "read" what they expect to see.

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 8:25 AM

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Comments: Mrs. Farley its funny reading the negative comments against what you stood for and acomplished. A funny as in a rediculous observation. I read that "horses are destroying the land" and not ranchers.

I question "Who was here first?" Im not speaking of evolution, Im speaking about Creation. God made his beasts and animals first. He gave man dominion to oversee and care for them, not determine how many man thinks should live or die.

In my opinion, people who want to try and 'control' the mustang populations are trying to play "god". The animals are doing what they were created to do eat, reproduce, and run free. How can they destroy the land when they were born on it in the first place? They are using it just as humans are. I take that back, not just as humans are. We basicaly use the land for finacial gain.. the horses use it for survival.

When will they open their eyes and see that we invaded their land not the other way around.

  You are right Rach...

The Critters and Creatures were here way before Man was;

the Critters have been here for Millions upon millions of years

Man is a newcomer; maybe this is why Man does not understand what "being a steward of the land" means; because he is not old and wise like the Animal Kingom ! thnx!
  I do not beleive that they were here "millions and millions of years ago" but that God created the beasts first. He have man domninion over them of course, but he commanded man to TAKE CARE of them and see to their needs. I don't think God meant "gather as many animals from where I intended for them to live as you want."

Its sad that many people will think that "taking care" of them means selling and managing the animals to gain or control any monetary means.

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