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Terri Farley
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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Palomino & Animals on Forgiveness

Dear Readers,
Do you think my stories of love & trust between animals & people are far-fetched? Don't. Unlikely bonds and cross-species friendships can tell us something important.
_________________________________from Palomino:
As I look at Honey Bandit, happily munching his hay, I wonder, does his story matter to many people? Will we be able to use the knowledge we obtained, watching him fight the impossible odds? Are we smart enough, and kind enough, to know that we need to make some serious changes?

I hope so. When you actually live with the animals, pretty much 24/7, you have time to observe so much. They are incredibly forgiving. I know that we all need to be able to forgive in our lives. When you don't have forgiveness, you end up filled with hate and bitterness. Animals seem to have a way of letting the poison go.

Right now we have a rescued cat that was happily playing with her friend the dog, when the dog got too rough, injuring her. She had a broken rib and a punctured lung. It was a simple case of playing too hard. I was terrified that she had a fatal injury. You would think she would be terrified of dogs after that - right? No, she is not scared at all. Do you know why she is not scared? She isn't scared because she knows that it was an accidental injury. If the dog she was playing with had intentionally tried to hurt or kill her, she would have been terrified. But she knew there was no harm intended. Animals are blessed with an incredible amount of forgiveness.

In fact, she was relentlessly following Chino around tonight. She came up to where he was lying down and tried to crawl on him. He gave a little grumble./growl, and I told him to knock it off. So he got up and kept moving in circles, trying desperately to get away from her. We were laughing so hard we could hardly take the pictures. In the end she won. :) He laid down in DaBubble's stall, and she climbed "into his arms".

I wish that we, as people, could learn to be so forgiving. I guess it is hard to remember sometimes, that no one can undo anything that has been done. I know in my lifetime I have made so many mistakes I couldn't possibly count them all. Honey Bandit was a mistake, as he was "lost in the shuffle". It shouldn't have happened, but once everyone became aware, actions were taken to save him. We need to focus on the fact that if we work together, we can accomplish amazing things. Honey Bandit is a perfect example of that. All we can do is start from this exact second in time and try to change what we know needs changed.

If you look closely at Honey Bandit, you can see that he is an example of a miracle. We came together and made a difference. I know that Honey Bandit is happy now. He still doesn't like things flying above his head too much, but other than that, his life is good. However, we need to make sure that his story does make a difference. One thing I learned, is that one random act of kindness, will lead to hundreds of acts of kindness.

Honey Bandit and Patches had a nice day, enjoying part of it outside when the weather held. HB still doesn't quite have "normal' energy for a foal his age, but I think maybe he is just spending all his energy growing. He is beautifully put together (although I am a tiny bit prejudiced), and I think he will be a big horse. So many of the horses at Litchfield seem to have ancestors who had some draft in them. They are so beautiful, and incredibly big and strong. It is amazing how the mustangs in different areas have such different traits.

DaBubbles wounds are looking so much better. I didn't think they were that different until I saw a video from the first day. UGH. Those cuts were so deep and gaping and you could see all the way into the middle of his neck. So compared to that they look fabulous. Click Me!

We are staying relatively warm, and just a teeny bit wet. Actually there is only one little spot on the roof that leaks now, so we are doing way better than we were before. We are hoping to get some insulation and put it in before the weather gets too cold again. But all is well in Shingletown, and the horses are lying down, resting up for their morning games. (We still haven't caught the mountain lion, so I am not letting the little horses out very often, and only if we are there with them).

Guess what? I know it is amazing, and probably quite scary to think I actually remembered, but I did, so here is the "pertinent information" I am always being told to add. Aren't ya'll proud????, Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang, Equine Rescue & More, 30027 Highway 44 East, Shingletown, CA 96088

God Bless & Stay Safe
Honey Bandit & the gang

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