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Terri Farley
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

DaBubbles Update

DaBubbles, lap horse, with Palomino

Highlights from Palomino

>DaBubble's attacked by mountain lion, water pipe bursts, power goes out, freezer and refrigerator defrost. Pal & Matt do repairs while watching over Bubbles

> Palomino & Matt working like crazy to get carport "modification" finished because snow is coming and they have to sleep near the animals to keep HoneyBandit & DaBubbles safe

>HB's breathing still sounds weird and he continues to get cast (down & can't rise) several times each night

> HB's hearing continues to improve!

> Reporter and photographer from Redding Record Searchlight came out to do an update on HB. "So rewarding to see the face of the photographer. This was the first time he has seen him since he took that picture of us in the hospital."

> Palomino wanted DaBubbles to get some fresh air and sunshine, so she took him to Patches' old pen. At first he though it was cool. Then his ears tilted towards the back of the property. He listened and ran in circles trying to get out as if he could hear and smell mountain lion

>The cat gives blood curdling cries once or twice a day. Palomino is pretty sure it is the injured one which has been spotted nearby

Luckily it was warm enough for Honey Bandit to play with Patches outside. Yesterday when the guys were here, Honey was busting out, running and bucking and flying around the field. Of course he ended up face planting in a major way. It is still scary, but I am getting used to it. Hopefully he will outgrow that little number too. But he always shrugs it off. After he falls, he can take a minute or two to get up and shake it off. Then he kind of prances a little bit, letting us know that he is still the "coolest". Honey Bandit thinks that all of us staying together in the garage is the best thing in his life so far. At our little place, the world revolves around these guys right now, and they totally love it.

Honey Bandit, Patches and DaBubbles all send a big kiss and hug. They say: God Bless, stay warm and watch our for the big cats!

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 6:13 PM

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