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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Tuesday: HoneyBandit & Da Bubbles

Dear Readers,
Here's the most recent news from Palomino and the critters:

Finally, a day that wasn't too wet and too cold for the babies to go outside. Today we were letting DaBubbles play with Honey Bandit. We opened the big door and DaBubbles was off like a shot. Bucking and twisting, running sideways, speeding around like a big furry ping pong ball. Three days of couped up energy blowing off all at once. Man was he happy to be "free", and outside in the fresh air with a little bit of room to run.

Honey Bandit looked outside, sighed a little bit and proceeded to stand still in the doorway. Eventually he moved out. He was in slow motion, and his eyes were kind of dull. Honey Bandit was not feeling so well.

Kathy, one of HB's aunties, had come to visit and bring some goodies for the horses. What a wonderful thing for her to drive down from so far away. We took HB outside for some pictures. He walked along calmly, stopping, backing up and doing just what he was asked. His spark was no where to be found. He has also had an upset "system" for a few days. We have been watching him closely, wanting to make sure that nothing bad was really going on. But today, his energy was so low that we wanted to take him to the vet to make sure nothing serious was going on. Right away the vet could tell that he didn't feel well. However, aside from his gums being a little bit "too pink", and his lack of energy, nothing obvious was showing. His blood work looks great. PTL for that one. His lungs finally sound good, really good, so she was thinking it must be some type of "tummy" thing.

So we brought him home with some meds to make his tummy feel better. It's hard when they don't feel well. I kept trying to tell myself he lacked energy because he was growing so fast, but the little guy doesn't feel well. Guess I just didn't want to believe it. But I do have to remember, when you are recovering from being ill or weak, it takes time. So say a prayer that HB feels better, and that I remember to be patient. Click Me! He is still eating, of course! He is also in the mood for extra loves. It's like he just wants us to "hold him"....

When we got home he didn't want to get out of the trailer. It was like he was saying, "I just want to chill in my favorite place.". So I left him there for awhile. I took out a blanket and put it on him so he wouldn't get cold, as the temperature was dropping quickly. After about 1/2 hour I went out and he came back inside. He was pretty happy by then to go in and eat.

I am sure he will be okay, but it is so scary when he starts acting like that. We will just watch him and love him and make sure he doesn't feel worse. We could certainly use lots and lots of prayers that he will feel better.

On a little lighter note, DaBubbles surprised us today. When he was running and playing, he decided to try and fly over the 6 foot chain link fence. He kind of "bounced off it", (it has a lot of give), looked at it again, and went merrily on his way. The next time he ran up to that fence, he put on his brakes, slid right up to it, nosed it and ran off, bucking and kicking. He had such a good time. I have to tell you though, it was quite entertaining watching him.

So all in all the day turned out okay. Hopefully Honey Bandit will feel better soon and we are thankful that his blood work and lungs are good.

Hope all is well with ya'll.

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 11:25 PM

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