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Terri Farley
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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Beautiful Oshunnah!

Dear Readers,
You've enjoyed lots of Cat Kindsfather's photographs. We have been sidekicks at round-ups and treks to wild horse corrals all over California and Nevada. But I like this one of Cat's photos because she's adopting this beautiful Medicine Hat mare.
We saw this mare together on the day Tuscaroara mustangs were first trucked into Palomino Valley. With a foal by her side, Oshunnah was clearly the VERY VIGILANT lead mare.
Now, her foal has been taken away, but Oshunnah will be under Cat's protection in January.
Cat tells me that Oshunnah is Apache for Spirit of the Earth
Isn't she lovely?

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 10:18 PM

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Comments: gourgous mustang. Her points are very nice from what I can see of. And her eyes looks like two black moons. =)

  Oh Terri, thanks for the tribute, I am honored by this! Her sweetness and beauty take my breath and make my heart jump each time I see her. I am honored to be her protecter and caregiver. Its a dream come true!

I will never forget the day we first saw her, when she raced around the pen, all the mares & foals following her in confused terror! It was their first day in captivity. I can still hear the screams and crashing of bodies against metal, from their band stallions being processed near by. Thanks for your continued support to the wild horses and to me & Oshunnah! I honor your hearts work, & you! : )
  That's a Beautiful Mare!! Thanks for helping Wild Horses!! why was her foal taken away from her?
  Oh my gosh, she's beautiful!
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