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Terri Farley
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tsunamis & Wild Horses under the Supermoon

Dear Readers,
Japan's terrible earthquake and tsunami have made kids and adults aware of how little we know about the WHY of natural forces.
For instance, there's lots of talk about March 19's Super Moon triggering earthquakes.
I grew up in California, and those of you who've read GIFT HORSE, probably figured out I'm no fan of earthquakes.
Hawaii has earthquakes and more. While researching my WILD HORSE ISLAND series I learned about the earthquake-tsunami-disease cycle. It's part of the islands' history and the reason, most believe, that wild horses live in Waipi'o Valley, model for my fictional Crimson Vale.
If you want to read a fictional account of what happens, take a look at SEA SHADOW. I did my best to show how a tsunami impacts the natural world of wild horses and the people who care about them. It's not pretty, but experts helped me make it pretty accurate.

For the before, you can read FIRE MAIDEN (book #5, exploring volcanic earthquake). It's a tough book to find, but your librarian should be able to help you!
To see one possible tsunami aftermath, read WATER LILY, book #8, which follows a domestic horse sickened by contamination of wild waters.

Wishing you loads of Aloha,

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