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Terri Farley
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Tough Little Life

photo by Cat Kindsfather

Dear Readers,
Each week, America's mustangs are killed with our tax dollars. They're run to exhaustion by helicopters. They crash into metal fences and trucks. They contort their bodies into leaps they can'tmake, trying to reach their families and freedom.
Some of us can't stand to see the photo or hear the terrible true stories.
Some of us grit our teeth, take those photos to our legislators and tell them real-life horror stories that must stop.
Last week, Palomino Armstrong took Honeybandit's story to Washington, D.C.
Her testimony -- and that of other wild horse advocates -- helped spur a vote to take $2 million dollars from BLM's mustang round-up fund.
But we want to make sure BLM takes the hint. So, many mustang advocates will attend the March 10-11 BLM advisory board meeting in Phoenix, AZ and speak out for wild horses.

Palomino wants to attend and tell BLM to STOP THE ROUND-UPS until a scientific investigation is done. She wants to make sure there are no more HoneyBandits -- foals taken from their mothers and left to starve in BLM custody.

I've helped Palomino document HoneyBandit's tough little life so that BLM cannot deny their mistakes, can't dismiss her as the equine equivalent of a crazy cat lady .Palomino's photos and journal entries have shown us a foal's life of BLM-inflicted pain and confusion. Honeybandit was rescued, but most babies in his situation are shot.
Almost every day, people ask me how they can help the mustangs.
If you want to stand up for wild horses, but can't be in Phoenix next month, consider donating a dollar or two to Palomino's Miracle Mustang foundation so that she can afford to feed the horses at home, and travel to the meeting.
Donations are tax-deductible and you can check out the
Miracle Mustang Rescue
Happy trails,

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 4:52 PM

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Comments: Great little post Terri. I will send her something to help get her there, since I cannot go myself.

You and I have witnessed some of the foals that were euthanized, in poor condition, or with broken bones in the BLM facilities. Those that were not as fortunate to make it into rescues, survive roundups or just being in the corrals. Not saying we witness the actual euthanizing, ( likely shooting ), but before they were snuffed out, we saw them. Or we saw photos and read stories, so many babies gone.

And since BLM does not record the birth or death, or even the lives of the foals until they are old enough to wean and be tagged, and given a freeze mark, we are in the dark about them, unless we observe them first hand in captivity. Never-the-less, no real records are kept, until at least four months old. Thank God Palomino was late to the roundup that day, and she found Honey-Bandit @ Litchfield corrals. He was at deaths door, as we all know his story of suffering & the miracle of his revival! Palomino needs to go and tell his story in Phoenix.

PLEASE, donate to help get her there.
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