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Monday, April 04, 2011

Believe Your Eyes about Wild Horses

"The Warning--Stallion Style"
all photos by Cat Kindsfather

This mustang stallion is the first line of defense for his family, but he needs YOU to back him up!
I've prioritized the items below, so that you can use your time wisely.


1. If you only have a few minutes, LEARN about tax-payer funded round-ups of America's wild horses click this link and watch this with your own eyes. Then talk about it. Tell everyone, because they can't care, if they don't know.

NO TIME TO DO MORE? This is a reference document. Print out this page. Put it by your computer. Next time, before you waste an hour online, spend 3 minutes making your world someplace you still want to live when you're old.

2. Only want to visit one website about wild horses? I trust: American Wild Horse Preservation. It's known as the United Nations of Wild Horse Advocacy since most respected humane groups work here to screen information and work together. It includes statistics, photographs, eye-witness observations, and solutions.

Tell lawmakers you are watching

3. Nevada has more wild horses than any other state. Ask the governor to keep them running free and to allow them to drink Nevada water.
Want to see mustangs when you visit Nevada? Tell him. Tourism dollar$ are very important to this state.
Email Governor Sandoval of Nevada

4. Your legislators can't act for you if you don't tell them what you want. In just days, Congress may give BLM millions more dollars for disastrous round-ups. Would you rather have your tax money go to education? Health care? Jobs? Say so.
The process below, took me 3 minutes. I timed it.
a) CLICK HERE OR paste in your browser
b) go down the page to the space for ZIP CODE and enter it
c) an automatic email comes up. You can just sign it with your information, but if you change the subject line and personalize the first paragraph (ex: Failure and cruelty wouldn't be rewarded with a raise in most jobs, so why should the taxpayers give the BLM millions more?) it may get more attention.

5. Write to Robert Abbey, the Director of the Bureau of Land Management and tell him what you think of wild horse round-ups. Tell him any GOOD the BLM does is hidden by the ugly cloud created by independent helicopter contractors hired with your tax dollars One sentence will do it!
BLM Director Bob Abbey

6. Keep up! Learn what's going on by joining a : mailing list
you can trust

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Comments: Thank you so much for letting us know how we can help our wild horses and burros. I love knowing I'm apart what's going to save them.
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