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Saturday, May 07, 2011

Understanding Your Brain

Dear Readers,
Have fun taking this Brain Creativity Quiz
to get an idea of which side of your brain is dominant, then read the University of Vancouver's interpretation of your quiz.
It's pretty fun. I turned out to be 63% right brained, which means THE TEST says I'm pretty creative, but it's worth noticing that there's other stuff working in my head, too.
The nice thing about this quiz is that it gives you lots of interpretation information afterward.
Have fun!

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 9:36 AM

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Comments: I'm at 42% for Left Brain 58% for Right Brain. I have to see things visually most of the time and thats the best way I can learn. If someone tells me how to do something only verbly.. im most of the time lost.. I need an example before I'm possitive of what is expected.

Go creative cowgirls!
  Are you writing anymore books? I NEED more terri farley books ive read everyrhing youve ever written!
  54% left brained 46% right. Still think I have an imagination though it's not as big as my younger brother's! I'm most logical. So I like to make sure my facts are strait, even if they intefere with my story and I have to change it. So yes I'm the occasional outliner.
Thanks for posting,

Thanks for your April and May Sam's blogs. Loved them. The second one made me wonder if I'm still sticking to my fact that Jake and Sam should be just friends. And I'm wondering why he's not in college. Did he graduate? How old are they! Sam's still doing school so she's at least still a senior.

Sam, don't ever marry a cowboy. They're too stubborn ~ Jake's mom when Rachel broke the camera. Or something along that line. It would be comical if Sam married Jake, her son, and remembered that from his mom. Still sticking to friends but it would be intresting.

Reason it's so long is I haven't been following you for a time so I had some catching up to do.

What side of the brain makes Sam steal horses?!

SweetPea, Ace, and King.
  I turned out to be 62% left brain and 38% right brain. :)
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