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Terri Farley
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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Morning Crow

Dear Readers,
I have a varied past with roosters.
One of my earliest memories is of my dog Bootsy grabbing the wing of a rooster who'd flown spurs ready for action, into my face. My mother called Bootsy off and the rooster wasn't injured, but he strutted alongside me, not at me after that.
My Verdi house came with a coop & a dozen Rhode Island Red hens named Gretchen. All of them.
But I rescued a fighting cock and we christened him Chicken George Wallace Beery. My son's first "word" , standing up and bouncing in his crib was  er-er-er= ERRRR, not Mama or Dada.  
So, I was inclined to like Jill Alexander's book, THE SWEETHEART OF PROSPER COUNTY. I'm also a fan of skillfully sketched setting and characters with backbone. This book has those , too. It's much more than a chicken tale :)

Read it. And if you know any young person having a tough time fitting into his or her own skin, leave it out where they'll find it. I haven't met Jill, but I'll be looking for her next book.
Reading rocks,

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