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Terri Farley
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Saturday, March 31, 2012


Dear Readers,
Yesterday, I saw one good reason you must insist on viewing your captive wild horses.
BLM took reservations from the public, then opened the Indian Lakes/Broken Arrow mustang holding facility in Fallon, Nevada, for four hours. 
Good news: corrals were cleaner and less crowded than before. Feed was within reach. Horses look less frantic and traumatized. As they should. Many were born here. To them, sagebrush is no more than a scent on the wind.
Many born in the wild have been penned in soul-deadening sameness for 2 years.
We sat in our truck-pulled trolley. Our tour quieter was quieter than a fun park ride, but no less choreographed.  BLM staff -- John and Heather -- were friendly, responsive and shared loads of stats.
Yes indeed, BLM has learned to handle the tax-paying public.
First time visitors would find it hard to imagine the nightmare that was Broken Arrow.

For every wild horse facility open to the public, there are a hundred where you are locked out. We must insist of access, because it wasn't a bad dream. 

photo by Cat Kindsfather 


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Comments: Thank you for going. I can't imagine how it would feel to see some of the horses that have been there since the Calico roundup two years ago.
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