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Terri Farley
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Monday, December 17, 2012

Getting Their Hands Dirty: Palomino & Wild Horses Inspire Kids

Dear Readers,

Here's what can happen when you pair your hands with your heart!

from Palomino....

Wow,  what an awesome day we had.  On Friday, December 7, a group of wonderful youngsters joined us at Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang, in Shingletown, CA.  Three groups of moms and kids drove the 35+ miles (one way) up to spend the day helping us out at the rescue.  We were so appreciative, especially as it is normally the larger, more well known rescues that get these amazing "work days".  The sun was shining and the sky was a brilliant clear blue.  After days and days of rain, the kids came prepared (for the most part) for the mud and the muck and showed up with bright smiling faces.
We began the day with the kids meeting the rescued critters.  They got to meet Honey Bandit and Chilly Pepper and the rest of the gang.  We wanted to make sure they saw how well Honey Bandit was doing before we watched the videos.  We started with Chilly Pepper's story, and then showed Honey Bandit's dvd, (which was made by our dear friend Sue Horst).  They got to see how he went from seconds away from death to a very happy, rather bossy 2 year old.  We wanted them to know what we do and what type of rescue they were helping.  Days like these are part of what makes what we do possible.  So Travis climbed into the attic and pulled out an assortment of boots, gloves and sweatshirts for those who needed a little bit more "dirty wear".
We also have a local family, Sandy, Marie and Dakota Simpson, who come and help as often as they can.  One of their specialties is helping us move the "mustang magic".  This is the stuff that people come and get so their gardens will flourish. :)  They are wonderful help and we want them to know that what they do is always appreciated!  (We also enjoy their company!)  They are part of the "rescue family".

Unfortunately, (or maybe fortunately for the kids - haha) it was too muddy to work on the "mustang magic", so we spent the day clearing slash and downed trees so the horses would have a larger and safer place to run and romp in.  We had a great big bonfire where we got rid of much of the slash, and then we had a fire in the fire pit for S'Mores. 
YOU JUST HAVE TO HAVE S'MORES when you are burning outside.
   It is the Chilly Pepper tradition.

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