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Monday, February 18, 2013

Running Sage

Photographer Cat Kindsfather first sighted RUNNING SAGE in the wild. 

Dear Readers, 
Most of us want wild horses home on the range. 
When BLM or the Nevada Department of Agriculture rips them off their lands and threatens their lives, however, we step up to help.
 Mustang photographer Cat Kindsfather first photographed a dappled gray colt she called Running Sage in the wild.
 When he was rounded up, she came to his rescue and he now shares pasture land with other herd members who were taken away from their wild homes. 

WATCH THIS VIDEO: as they recognize each other & celebrate  Family reunion for Running Sage


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Posted by Terri Farley @ 9:07 AM

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Comments: Cat wrote: "I love this photo of Running Sage, one of my faves I captured of him in the wild. This was a time that he was very oat colored. ;) He is like a chameleon. Sometimes he looks pure white & most other times, a dapple gray. ;) Feeling so good in my heart that I got him safe from the BLM funnel. God bless the Gulley Tribe! He is happily living at their FullCircle Ranch with 3 Deer Run brothers & several other horses. Debra Gulley shared recently that he has a new girlfriend. He is my third adopted mustang. ♥ Thanks for sharing him Terri Farley."
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