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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

50 Months of State Images: What Will They Say about USA?

Christophe crosses a Nevada field to capture wild horses with a camera

Christophe Kutner is an artist with a camera. He lives in Paris and New York. If you follow him around the Internet, you'll spend hours exploring exotic, eccentric, unique fashion images, but when I met him, he was searching for wild horses in Nevada. 

February 2013 he began an adventure that will go for 50 months.
Christophe has challenged himself to reveal the real United States by publishing an image a day, creating a sort of collage portrait of each state in his Lost and Found Diary 

Wild horses will show one part of Nevada, but I can't wait to see what else Christophe captures. I'm sure it will reveal secrets of the state where I live.

State of New Jersey,
time to put your shoes on…
New Jersey photo by Christophe Kutner

 "No matter the artistic point of view," he says, "It will meet with an undeniable sociological testimony, that will give us to reflect on what really is the state of united states today."

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