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Terri Farley
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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mustangs Behind Bars: What did they do wrong?

Dear Readers,

I don't know if the Calico Mountains foal, above, is the same young horse on the right. Both gaze through the bars of BLM's Palomino Valley facility.

I do know the expression on these pale face is the same:

Why am I here? My life is out there.

The capture and carnage must stop.


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Posted by Terri Farley @ 12:04 AM

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Comments: Terri, its always so hard to see them this way, the pleading & question in their eyes, knowing in the moment, that you can do nothing about it. We can try to change it for them through litigation, petitions, letter writing campaigns, rallies, etc. And we do!

Many of us have worked hard for years to keep them free & protected in the wild places. Not enough changes to halt the roundups, but we have made some big noise & are finally being heard. Hats off to you Terri Farley, Laura Leigh of WHE, AWHPC, NWHPA, HVWHPF, PM, Respect 4 Horses, Animals Angels, and so many other groups & individuals in the fight for them. United we stand ....

Both of the photos are mine here, and both were taken at Broken Arrow, BLM's leased and closed to the public facility, for warehousing our wild horses removed from their rightful homes on public lands.

FYI...They are not the same horse, but do have the same broken wild spirit & heart.

The foal is "Looker-Bow Tie". He has a perfect black bow tie, or sideways hour glass, on his upper lip. I hope one day to find him. Like a needle in a hay stack, if he is still out there. In 2010, we were not allowed to request adoption for foals, why not? I would have waited for his time to be eligible for adoption.

I ask this question again. What happened to the approximately 400 foals born at Broken Arrow in 2010? I cannot quote the past facility manager John Neil on this number, but can report that his answer was pretty vague as to where they went. He simply stating they were sent to adoption venues around the country.

We want accountability! Our foals matter & we want them counted from birth to death. We need know how they are, where they are, & where they go.

That goes for "ALL" of the horses & burros removed from public lands.

They should never be sent to slaughter! Our horses are not for food, nor should they have to suffer the terror of slaughter, or the journey to this despicable death.

Free wild horses, protect & preserve them! Perfectly said Terri. "Why am I here? My home is out there."
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