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Terri Farley
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Monday, June 27, 2016

Where's Mama? : What Happens to Foals After a Wild Horse Roundup


WASHINGTON, DC (June 23, 2016 ) Republicans on the Federal Lands Sub-Committee launched a plan for the extinction of America's wild horses. Rep. Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming purred that euthanasia is "such a lovely way to die." An alternate strategy? Round up 100% of America's wild horses so they won't suffer on the range. 

Here's what happens to wild foals if they survive roundups. I was at Palomino Valley Wild Horse corrals with photographer Karen Hopple a few years ago when these foals arrived.
The first filly out of the contractor's truck tumbled out backward, but kept her balance. Most horses were sorrels, but there were also bays, duns and paler horses, including a palomino.
Bodies huddled together as close as possible, the foals stared at the truck which still held their mothers. Only a few pairs were reunited. 

The red chestnut foal with blaze, pictured at blog-top, was so traumatized by roundup, shipment and loss of her family, her face was frozen in this expression the entire time I was there.
She and a few others tried to nurse from other foals.     
This method of self-soothing indicates these babies are too young to be separated from their mothers, even though they met BLM's guidelines for weaning.
This is a perversion of the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 and if you're an American tax-payer, you're paying for it.

Too young to be taken from her mother, a foal tries to nurse another baby (Photos by Karen Hopple)

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 3:00 AM

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Comments: I can't even bare to hear this proposal of 100% euthanasia!

We must restore the act, & the 100% intended protections by Congress in1971!

Thank yo for sharing the sad realities of mare & foal separation. Weaning is a natural process between are & foal, and clearly not what BLM does! They rip the babies from the mothers, usually way too soon!
  I remember this time at PVC, & the photos of traumatized foals. Was this the group that Dorothy Nylon adopted a family from? Do you know Terri? The sorrows just go no and on. but so does our good fight for them!
  I don't know the answer. Gelt the stallions is the only answer to reproduction. Cant stant to read about starving animals. With the drought in many western States, ranchers have to sell their herds. Any animal suffering just brwaks my heart. Horses hold a special place in my heart. I raised and showed for 22yrs. My one mare lived to 26. You look into their big eyes and just melt. Separating mares and foals is cruel to both. Just makes me ill. Geld the stallions, thats part of problem,feeding them is another. My dad and friend would go to Billings Montana to get Appaloosa's. The rancher knew what he had but the Appy's weren't people friendly. I loved the challenge. Never met a horsebI couldn't train. There just has to be a better way.
  I just cant comprehend how these people live with themselves. Why are these ppl still in control. Anyone who calls for a 100% roundup for euthanasia and calls it a beautiful way to die has never watched the shock and struggle to live with even the sickest if animals. She is mentally ill.
  Anyone proposing a 100% euthanasia is mentally ill. And anyone who claims that euthanasia is a beautiful way to die has never been present while an animal is being put down. No matter how sick or injured, they all get a look if horror and fight for life. This woman is truly mentally ill. Why are these people still in control!!!--
  Its so sad that all those horses suffer so much...
  Sometimes I am hard put to read about these horribly real atrocities.For the life of me I cannot believe that man can be such a beast.(Man is the greatest predator of all). These people are striving to achieve Land,and more cattle.The word greed and money always come to the forefront.We cannot let this happen.Please stand-up for your beliefs,and our beloved wild mustang.Also PLEASE LET US KNOW how we can stand up for our horses in person.All the letters are achieving nothing right now.Our congress has let us down.Democrats,and republicans.We need to take giant steps NOW.
  Hi, I was wondering when the next newsletter will be coming out, as there haven't been any in a while now. I know your busy but I hope you can reply.
Thx :3
  Thanks, all for caring about these horses. Their lives are not getting easier and we need to stay alert to anything we can do to help them -- like tell people around us what is really happening. That costs nothing. I really will do a newsletter soon @Tsubasa

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