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Monday, November 13, 2006

It's him

Dear Readers,
Starting Wednesday, I'll be working in the field, with little time for email and rare Internet reception. I'll be getting my hands dirty, giving my hiking boots a real workout, and learning about 2 animal species I've never "met" up close. All of this will be a second round of research for the new series. Yes, I can take notes on horseback...most of the time.

As promised, you can see our beloved Phantom on my NEWS page, right now! This wild horse was not the least bit nervous about meeting my eyes (as you can see in the photo) and if I were a little more eccentric, I'd think he was a gift that galloped into my life when I was melancholy about ending the original series.

Two more things:
1) If you see something you'd like to borrow from one of my websites, please write for permission, k? Some of it is copyrighted and I can let you know.

2) I've had an avalanche of emails about the age slant of my books. Can I tell you a secret? I just write the books as they come to me -- making sure there's sort of an explanation within the text if I use a weird word or phrase -- and my publisher decides which age group they're aimed at! Still, I hear from readers from 8 - 80,so I believe people have figured it out.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving,

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