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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Horses Touch the Heart

Dear Readers,
I've been getting lots of notes from readers telling me that FARAWAY FILLY made them cry, but not one tells me why. I know why this Hawaiian horse story touched me, but what do you think makes FARAWAY FILLY an emotional tale?
Wondering what you're thinking,

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 1:18 PM

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Comments: The reason that Faraway Filly touched me to the point of tears because it was not only the end of Phantom Stallion Wild Horse Island but the end of the Phantom Stallion story in whole. It's kind of evident that this is the end, the real end to Phantom Stallion...and it hurts.
  To me it was sad because of how Shan had treated Hoku(before)and how Hoku was so distant to Darby.especially that.
  Actually isn't Galloping Gold the last book? I think Faraway Filly should've been,because it would've been a great,like,closure,you know? Because Galloping Gold didn't seem like closing material,but nonetheless a good book. I'm just saying Faraway Filly should've been the last book.
It's been fun reading with you,Terri. I have all of the books you've written. (And read every single one of them at least tiwce!)
However,the only books I haven't read that you wrote is the one that isn't being printed anyomore. The one you wrote when you were a kid...PAGAN:THE WILD PINTO STALLION?
What is it about? Do you have a copy of it on your computer or something? If you do,I'd really like to read it.
My email is
if you can send it to me if you have the copy.
  I didn't really get all emotional about Faraway Filly, but it was kind of moving at the end, you know?? And it was sad that Hoku was mad/sad/angry at Darby. But, I also think that it had a happy ending. Can't wait to read Galloping Gold!!!
-Autumn T.
  It had a really good ending. I agree that it would have been good for a close, i mean with sam there and everything. (but I'm glad you wrote galloping gold!!!!!)
  Woops, sorry about that:). I keep mixing up Galloping gold and Faraway filly because, as Jenna stated Farway filly seemed like a more fitting closing book to me.
The reason Faraway filly seemed so emotional to me was because of the deep scares inflicted upon Hoku's past. It seemed as though she were recovering but wounds became reopened when her former owner showed up. Plus, it showed how much Darby cared for Hoku.
  I loved Faraway Filly alot. I got all emotional in the end because the abuse Shan had delt to Hoku and also because Sam showed up. I REALLY miss the original Phantom books alot and Sams apperance made me want to cry because it reminded me of Phantom Stallion Book #24. Which is a book I really cried over. I'll miss every good character from both the original and new books.
I really hope you write a special edition phantom book. That would be amazing.
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