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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Glum Buster

Dear Readers,
I was feeling pretty glum this morning until Crystal in Australia posted this beautiful horse on Facebook! He reminded her of Mistwalker. Me, too!

If any of you need further cheering up, don't forget you can always visit and search for Phantom Stallion. There, you can watch fan videos and & see several of the real Phantom. He's a dream weaver, with that lovely floating action -- so like the Phantom I wrote about...

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 8:55 AM

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Comments: OMG! That is such a cool horse! I have never seen an all white horse with a black face and black stripes in his ears before...usually it's the other way around. Terri do you know what kind of pinto you'd classify that as??
  That is one gorgeous, unique horse I think I have seen in a while. Although I have seen a picture of a mustang on BLM web site once that has a completely split face half white half brown. Thanks for sharing.
  I'm glad you were able to post the photo! And I'm glad it cheered you up a bit! I had no idea when I posted it on your page that you were having a down morning, so I'm extra glad I did :)
Horses with this colouring are so beautiful (and I think being so rare adds to that beauty).

Have a great weekend!
Crystal xo
  That's amazing-like the opposite of a blaze/bald face!!!=)

  You have a facebook that you share with fans??? What is it, i would love to use it!!!

  Sure, I talk to readers on Facebook and MySpace all the time. Just look for Terri Farley and I'll friend you there :)
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