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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Book Worms: please help!

I'm writing from drizzly Seattle, where scarlet leaves flap strong against wind & downpours.
In coffee shops, writers' workshop, booksignings & schools, people are talking about books written for young readers. No, it would be more accurate to say lots of us are trying to read the minds of readers under 21! I'll be giving two more writers' workshops for people writing books you might love or hate, so please help me pass on YOUR opinions by answering one or more of these questions!

1. What are the best and worst books you've read lately?

2. Are there any book trends you love or hate?

3. If you found your dream book on your bed, waiting to be read, what would it be about? How would it make you feel?

Readers rock,

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 11:16 PM

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Comments: 1.Well let me see, obviously the best series in the world to me right now is "The Phantom Stallion" series. =0) Ive also read "Into the Land of Unicorns" a very intriguing tale by Bruce Corville.
2. Personaly, I hate anything to do with the Harry Potter series. Because it involves deomonic beings, and portrays witchcraft as a good thing. This series may have not meant to but the fact is that is HAS started cults and other disturbing groups.
3.Well first, my Bible is my ultimate dream book and its always layed beside my bed waiting to be read.Second, i my next dream book would definatly be about horses... perhaps a mystery or adventure. Whichever it would have to have major suspense or action because i love the adreneline that stories pump through my veins.

  Oh, I've been WAITING for a chance like this...

I basically don't like books that are for like 14-year-olds that try to over-teenager-ize the main character...if that makes any sense. Like try to make them sound all rebellious like a teenager and make them say,'oh, I'm too old for that stuff 'cuz I'm a teenager now and I'm so cool...'. I'm sorry, that just ruins a book for me. It just...doesn't work.XD YOU, Terri, are AMAZING and DO NOT do that!!!=D The best book I've read recently was 'Secret of the Night Ponies' by Joan Hiatt Harlow. The worst was probably either Running Horse Ridge (sorry, but the main character knows nothing about horses, is totally irresponsible, and again with the teenager thing...the series did have its good moments, though) or the new Horse Mad book (the main character has made up these 'horse gods' that she prays to...sorry it just doesn't work. I don't think anybody's THAT into horses, anyway...).(sorry long rant)

I wouldn't say it's a 'trend,' but I like it when authors aren't afraid to have their characters do something...just because they're writing for teens doesn't mean that you have to be afraid that what the character does will be 'uncool' or something. You don't have to defend your character to make them likable. I DON'T LIKE it when the horse books look all pretty and pink...most horse crazy people in their pre-teen and teenage years aren't into pretty princesses anymore, trust me. Don't speak down to us horse-crazy kids as if we're still, like, seven or eight. Not even that age.

My dream book would be...probably about horses, but it really doesn't have to be. It would make me laugh but still have serious moments... I don't know how to phrase this but bringing characters back is in the Secret of the Night Ponies (WARNING SPOILERS)
there's one boy who teases the main character gets in a really bad accident, but later on he turns a corner and helps her with the horses she rescues. I thought it was nice how the author tied it in and kind of...I don't know how to explain it! (o^.^o)

I also like it in PS and WHI where Sam and Darby actually face consequences for their actions. It seems like so little a thing, but if characters are irresponsible or just plain stupid, it's not right to have other characters just shrug it off like 'oh, she'll learn next time' and then of course SHE DOESN'T, because she hasn't had to take responsibility for what she does/doesn't do. I don't like it when Sam's in trouble (of course not) but at the same time I do because it's just ...RIGHT that it should be that way.

What I said was mainly about horse books but oh well...the world could always use more good horse books.:) Hope this helps in some way...

  The best book I read lately was Crown Dual by Sherwood Smith. I ABSOLUTLEY LOVED IT! The worst was probably Private Peaceful by michel.....I forget his last name, startes with a M, but I didn't like it cause it was DEPRESSING! I don't like depressing books.
I love the medival books, and fantasy, like dragons and elves and stuff. I am REALLY tired of all the vampires. It's getting really old, so I don't want any more of that!
My Dream book would have everything I liked! Horses, Cute guys, not sappy like most teen novels, I hate those. I like it where the girl doesn't really like the guy, but ends up falling for him! That's cute! I also like good strong female characters, and thankfully there have been more of those lately! Magic, Romance, and Humor are musts in good books!
  PS My fave book would make me feel happy and bubbley and cheerful! Not depressed!
  1. [Can't think of them at the moment]

2. Love: Romance Novels
Hate: A repeated story line [sorry, not very specific]

3. It would be about something that made me feel as though I yearned to be the character that it is all happening to. Specifically some sort of bond, whether it be between two teenagers or a girl and her horse.
  1. Some of the best books I've read recently are the Gallagher Girl Series by Ally Carter! (Its about girl spies!)

2. I really don't like the 'vampire' trend goin' on right just seems so silly.

3. If my dream book was on my bed it would be full of horses,maybe a few unicorns and an awesome heroine who is not boy crazy!And lots of aventure!!!
  Thanks so much for your thoughtful responses to my questions. I'm sharing your ideas with lots of writers and some people from publishing houses.
You are the best!
  If my favorite book was on my bed, it would be about horses, a tough, adventurous girl, and traveling around the world!
  2: Twilight definitely!
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