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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy & Confusing Thanksgiving News

Dear Readers,

First the GOOD NEWS:
The Calico Mountain round-up has been delayed a few weeks due to a lawsuit filed by members of the Animal Law Coalition to protect wild horses from "capture, ...harassment and death" in the Black Rock Ranges, the Calico Mountains, the Granite Range and Warm Springs Canyon.

Lots of you have ridden this trail with me before so you know the horses need your letters and artwork. Here's an example why: While we've been worrying about horses on the Calico range, the BLM trapped 1200 wild ones in Wyoming!

Confusing news: BLM recently approved more livestock grazing on some of the above ranges because of the improved condition of the range.
And the reason the horses were supposed to be removed -- wait for it -- because of deteriorating range conditions!

Anyone see a contradiction?

Have a happy Thanksgiving and watch for my newsletter, early!


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Posted by Terri Farley @ 2:27 PM

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Comments: Love this quote from the attorney who filed the suit:

"We are confident that the court will agree that America's wild horses are protected by law from BLM's plan to indiscriminately chase and stampede them into corrals for indeterminate warehousing away from their established habitat."
  Love the quote. I sent in my letter yesturday Ms.Farley. Oh and i asked my school "the one you talked with online' to write letters as well. We have hundreds of students enrolled all over the state of OHIO so possibly be expecting a plethora of mail from us. ;0)
  Oh man...that's ridiculous.XP

Somebody needs to show them who's supposed to be boss: ie, NOT some stuffy agency.:\

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