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Terri Farley
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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Stealth Round-Up during BLM Meeting

Huddled horses in BLM corrals were rounded-up while I was in the Monday meeting; now they have no shelter, no windbreaks

Dear Readers,
On Monday,
>BLM said the ratio of livestock to horses is: 8,000,000,000 / 30 000 but still blamed wild horses for range damage
>BLM brushed aside communications from Americans who want mustangs to run free. Saying people are ill-informed, BLM insists entrapment,capture and confinement best serve the wild horses
>BLM wild horse advisory board would not agree to read even a few of your letters
>While a snowstorm raged outside, during the hours BLM insisted the public and humane observers were always welcome to watch gathers, BLM had helicopters in the air, making a stealth round up of horses slated for capture in August 2010.
At least one mare was killed and other horses, including a number of foals, were injured.
Right this minute, those horses stand in corrals -- as shown above -- without shelter or even windbreaks.

Brynna, one of my favorite PHANTOM STALLION characters, was a BLM staffer, and I've dedicated books to real BLM staffers, but the Bureau is running amok and using my money to do it. Even if their actions are technically legal, they are sneaky and shady.
So, I'm now a plaintiff in a lawsuit to stop the BLM's roundup of the Calico horses.
On Wednesday, I'll be sitting in a Washington, D.C. court room listening as BLM and Safari Club International fight for the capture and transport of wild horses to "preserves" where they]ll live in "non-reproducing herds." That means there will be no foals.
Soon enough, they'll be "preserving" nothing; they will be empty.
Yes, life is tough for America's wild horses, but you're standing up for them and I'm standing up for them and you.
More later,

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 7:58 PM

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Comments: You are awesome Terry. Love your heart and sense of right for the wild ones. Keep standing...and I will too.
  Right on with the lawsuit.. i pray it works out and these people LISTEN! I just keep asking myself when are these people going to realize that the horses aren't "over-populating" us, we're overpopulating them and their rightful homeland. They should AT LEAST supply a shelter for the rounded up animals.. And Why wouldnt they agree to read some of the letters? Are they scared of a bunch of kids, teens, and people who actualy care? I'm not mudslinging, but if that's the case... the BLM advisory board is showing a bit of selfishness and cowardness.
I wish there was someone in the BLM like Brynna in your stories, that would have the guts to at least try and make a change. Is there at all?
...Actualy, I might just try and get my education edging towards a career that involves working with them.
Sorry if i sound a little uptight; its because I am a bit. No matter what happens, I'm going to try and help to put a stop to these brutal acts.

well I'm going out to the pasture.
  I think it's wonderful what you are doing to help. I hope that everything works out okay.
  You would think that more people would realize what 'non-reproducing herds' really ends up as.

  Thank you so much for everything you've done to help the mustangs, and thank you for standing up for us.

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