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Terri Farley
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Thursday, December 03, 2009

No Means NO -- email me

If you haven't already sent your feelings about wild horses to me via snail mail, feel free to email them to Be SURE to tell me your name, city and state and country, and age.
It could be something as simple as this:

Dear BLM:
This isn't the first time I've written to tell you my feelings about the wild horses, but this is my simplest note:
No helicopter round-ups, no warehousing wild horses in corrals, no selling mustangs for slaughter, no throwing away money and lives in my name.
Let our wild horses run free.
Please listen,
__________________________, age, city, state, country

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 1:41 PM

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Comments: Oh okay, that sounded really easy, my letter was so long also lol
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