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Terri Farley
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mustangs in Misery

Dear Readers,
What did you do on Saturday? Did you have breakfast in your pjs? Hang out with your friends? Sleep in a warm house?
On Saturday, I talked with Senator Harry Reid about BLM's treatment of our wild horses.
Since then, at least six more wild horses have died at BLM's modern state of the art facility.

A two-year-old filly died after sustaining a serious spinal injury
A 10-year-old mare was found dead of "foaling complications." Her full-term foal was not properly positioned in the birth canal, and they both died.
A four-year-old filly was euthanized due to "poor condition"
A 25 year old stallion was put down due to poor condition
Two 20-year-old mares were put down because they never recovered from the stress of the capture

You can read the government account of all that's happened to the wild horses since they came into contact with BLM here:

Calico Horses

I warn you, it is not pretty.
It is also a sickening use of my tax dollars.
Wind and rain are predicted for Fallon, after snowstorms and still there's no shelter for the horses, only a few plywood panels on one side of the hospital pens.

Beset by thoughts about greed,

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 6:27 PM

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Comments: "Poor Condition" what's that mean. They didn't think the horses looked good enough to sell at auction?

Mrs. Farley are the horses starving out there on the range? Is there enough food for all of them or are the cattle taking it all?

Most of the horses in the corrals look great. Yes, it is the dead of winter and they have searched for their own food, so they are lean. Yes, some are older and they don't look like show horses. But most of them look amazing for what they've been through and are actually suffering from a rich diet and no chance to exercise.
Rangeland biologist Craig Downer, who has been at the corrals almost every time they BLM allows it observed that these horses would've wintered through just fine...without human interference.
  That's so awful! So many horses are dying and it's all because of BLM!
  I was reading through these updates on that link and.. its hard to read on.

  That is terrifing! I want to speak out but I have fear that it is to late for so many horses.
America should do something about it and who cares the most? Kids! We need to help the beautiful creatures!
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