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Thursday, June 10, 2010


(my Horse Expo roommate)

Press release horse expo

Best-selling author and wild horse activist Terri Farley will share the skills and passion characteristic of her 36 best-selling books free of charge in WRITING THE WEST workshops at the Western States Horse Expo in Sacramento, California, June 11 – 13.
Farley’s workshops explain how she uses hands-on research experiences from driving cattle and riding in a Pony Express reenactment to job-shadowing Hawaiian paniolos and following the West's wild horses to color her Phantom Stallion and Wild Horse Island series.
Workshops for adults and children will be featured.
Farley is especially excited about WRITING THE WEST for kids, which introduces young authors to writing outside the classroom.
"Writing opens a world of adventure superior to TV and video games," says Farley. " When kids take the reins and write their own stories, they can gallop through the sagebrush, tame wild stallions or giggle as unicorns nuzzle their necks.”
In nationwide workshops, Farley teaches adults to write memoirs, blogs, poetry and saleable stories.
Farley, whose PHANTOM STALLION and WILD HORSE ISLAND sales topped a million while she was working full time and raising a family, has little sympathy for adults who claim they’ll write a book “someday.”
"If you don't tell your story, who will?" Farley asks, "If not now, when?"
The Calico Mountain mustangs recently rounded-up by the Bureau of Land Management are the same herds featured in Farley’s Phantom Stallion series.
“I’m not let them going without a fight, and neither are my readers,” Farley says of the West’s wild horses.
When the Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board refused to read even one among hundreds of protesting letters from her young readers, Farley became a plaintiff in a federal lawsuit to save the herd.
Farley will autograph her books in the Young Rider Park and Book Corral, after each presentation. A discount coupon is available on Farley’s website at

WRITING THE WEST (adults) 1:00-2:00 Andis Company Stage

WRITING THE WEST (kids) 11-12:00 Young Rider Park
WRITING THE WEST (adults) 3-4:00 Andis Company Stage

WRITING THE WEST (kids) 11-12:00 Young Rider Park

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