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Terri Farley
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


9 am

Dear Readers,
I just came from the Federal Courthouse in Reno. I've written a brief account of what happened, below.
What you should know:
Davis and Keathley admit to using public lands as their private shooting gallery, and to gathering their spent shells. These are adult men who knew it was illegal to kill America's wild horses on public lands, but they didn't care.

Tod Davis and Joshua Keathley represented by Tom Plimpton (retained) and John Springgate (CJA) respectively, faced AUSA Sue Fahimi in Federal court before Judge McQuaid to change their pleas from not guilty to guilty and waived a trial in the case of shooting 5 free-roaming horses on public lands.

"We was out early in North Washoe and seen them wild horses and killed a few of 'em and then we left," said Keathley when asked to describe the morning the shootings took place.
Davis gave a similar account of the events, adding that the two had been drinking and looking for a place to set traps when they spotted a band of eight mustangs.
"We used poor judgment and shot a few of them." Davis said.
Davis and Keathley will remain free on bail, with their firearms in the custody of a county sheriff, until sentencing Sept. 14, 2010, 2 pm.

The maximum sentence for this charge of maliciously causing the death and abetting the death and harassment of five wild horses is one year in county jail, $100,000, $25 special fee. There is no possibility of parole.

Sue Fahimi, U.S. attorney, gave a fuller description of the November events, indicated that the two stopped driving when they saw a herd of horses. Keathley, armed with a AR 15 shot first.
"A light-colored horse went down," Fahimi said, and then Keathley handed the rifle to Davis. "Davis began shooting at the others"
Five horses lay dying while Keathley picked up 8-10 spent ammunition casings.

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