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Terri Farley
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Friday, July 23, 2010

Ride along with me ?

Dear Readers,
My application to bid on Calico Mountain horses during the Internet adoption has been approved!

This is a bittersweet moment. Ghost Dancer and Shell Flower shouldn't have human names. They should be free. While freedom on their home range is out of reach, though, I'll bid on them, and if I'm successful, purchase their transportation to a sanctuary and sponsor them for their lifetimes.

They'll have a website page for right away ; even if I'm unable to keep up with the bidding (they're glorious mares & I'm certainly not the only one who thinks so) the process will be interesting.

This is a brand new experience for me, and I hope you'll ride along.

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 3:00 PM

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Comments: Terri I liked to pledge 25 dollars for the purchase of these two. So please include that in your total. Not sure I can keep up with a monthly donation but I'd like to help you if I can.

  Good luck Terri. I hope you get them! Otherwise someone who'll give them a good long life around kind humans.
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