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Terri Farley
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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wild Horse Poetry from a Reader

Memories of a Heartsore Mustang
by Abigail

I am running, my breath coming in jagged gasps
I can feel and smell all the fear around me
This big noisy predator chases us relentlessly
I want to be free from it, but I can not break away
My feet hurt and I want to stop to rest, but I cannot
I do not understand where this predator came from
But I hope it will leave us, let us be free.

I am separated from my family,
Pushed together with unknown horses
They are as scared and confused as I
I am thirsty but the water tastes stale
Where is the grass I am used to?
All we have is some kind of forage it is dry
And tasteless I long for my family and home
But I am not set free

We are pushed in a small space and examined
I try to resist but they are stronger
We are poked a prodded I hurt all over
I try to remember the safety of the herd
My true family but I cannot remember there scents
They are lost to me.

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