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Terri Farley
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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bad Medicine

Bad Medicine Winds by Cat Kindsfather

Dear Readers,

BLM has agreed that their mismanagement of our wild horses could use assessment by the National Academy of Science, but they don't plan to stop the round-ups in the meantime.
Thousands of wild horses are slated for round-up by the end of the summer. Even though the Cattoor helicopters only found TWO mustangs yesterday, they are scouring the range for more. BLM has also announced four run-for-your-lives round-ups close to the real Phantom's original home range.
By the time the National Academy of Science can begin -- let alone end! -- its study, there won't be enough herds left to study.
Enough wild hearts have been broken.
The time for a moratorium is NOW.


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Posted by Terri Farley @ 9:58 AM

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Comments: And I guess that proves that the BLM wants to take all the horses off the range--any self-respecting government agency would not only admit where it's gone wrong, but also FIX it. Continuing the roundups just makes no sense--unless they're trying to finish what they've started in the dark before the light can be put on.

I think I will be writing Robert Abbey again.

  I hate; loathe and depise...those plastic tags the blm burdens the wild mustangs with; very improper!

if I had one wish; it would be: let me snip the tags from the blm mustangs and burros...I hate tags!
  Accepting the need for the National Academy of Science study is great, but holds little value for wild horses, if the package does not come with an immediate moratorium! Our horses are in grave danger of extinction!!

Terri, how can we stop them? Like you, I am so exhausted from the sorrows of heart break over our beautiful wild horses and burros. A miracle is needed now.
  Taming such obviously free spirits?
outrageous! I'm only 11 and even I can see it's wrong!

If only they imagined themsleves as the free mustangs that roamed the range, then they should picture hovering helicopters, being chased into pens, tagged, and possibly being euthanized.

They just don't understand. I don't know a thing about American Government, nor do I have the knowledge to keep a horse. But really, even my under-expierienced brain can say that such a symbol of freedom should not be handled this way, if at all.

When I grow up to 15 or 16 maybe, I'll try to publish a book about this nonsense and the wild hearts being broken everyday.
If I'm inspired to be a writer, what better topic to write about.
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