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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

From a friend of wild horses

Dear Readers,
I hope you'll enjoy the photos and notes from Margaret, a wild horse advocate from the San Francisco, California area.

Hi Everyone
I had the most fabulous weekend with Terri and her horses. Watching Ghost Dancer and Sage regain what was taken from them last winter was an awesome experience. To see Dancer and Sage turned loose in a 5000 acre field was inspiring.

I'm not sure what Dancer and Sage thought. They walked out and trotted a few steps. They sniffed and looked around together. Could it be because they thought we humans had another awful trick up our sleeves? Were we going to turn them loose just to bring them back in?

These two mares hung together not because they were tethered together but
for safety. There really is safety in numbers. Sage needed Dancer to tell her that it was okay.

Thankfully Terri was able to find a mare from the same HMA as Dancer who
actually was caught the same day. Could it be that they are mother and
daughter? I don't know. What I do know is they hung out because they knew
they could rely on one another. I wonder what that says about us humans? Wild horses can teach us so much if we just allow ourselves a chance to open up and listen to the still quiet voice.
For instance, about 20 minutes after they were turned loose, Dancer and Sage started back towards the pen they had just come from. Here they were out in the middle of a huge field and they came within 15 feet of me on their own! I was overwhelmed with gradititude that I was there much less a part of this big huge day for them.
I want Dancer and Sage to move on to having other horsie friends. To not need us. To be wanted needed and loved by their own. I hope that whatever stallion takes one will take the other. I hope for them long days with peaceful grazing, babies if and when that time comes. I want them to know that the other friends they make will never cause me to betray the love and compassion I feel for them

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 3:50 AM

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Comments: Fabuloso! I loved the article and I felt as if I've gained a small experience by reading it.

  It was a pleasure to meet you, and your pictures turned out really nice. Please feel free to stop by again when you are here. I am sure Chilly Pepper and Patches would love to be photographed by you.

take care and God Bless. Palomino
  Wonderful images and story. I was sad to miss this day, but so happy I was your guest at their first arrival day to the sanctuary. Its a beautiful place for them, your girls!

Very creative shot of you with the tags, nearly forming a heart. Nice one! So nice to see the girls, checking out the open spaces. Soon they will wander out I am sure. Blessings Terri....

Cat Kindsfather
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