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Terri Farley
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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ghost Dancer & Sage arrive at the Wild Horse Sanctuary

photos by Cat Kindsfather

Prince, one of the ranch dogs, welcomes Ghost Dancer and Sage to his kingdom

Smells like...pine and dust and horses!
Ghostdancer: Sage, you go check it out.
But not without me!

Saw the hay, thanks, but the freedom to eat weeds and brush is too wonderful to resist!

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 5:16 PM

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Comments: hhahahhaahah that is soo awesome it sent tears to my eyes to see that.

"We don't want any of that fancy treated stuff, give me the weeds any day!" lol

  Oh, my! This is so wonderful to see, after all the horrifying stuff we see and hear. What a blessing to share with all of us. They are just divine, perfect and you are an angel to shelter them. Bless you!
  Thanks for taking these horses into your heart!
If you'd like to make a donation to the Sanctuary, no matter how small, you can follow this link
  Oh Terri, its nice to see this all over again on your blog! A little tear is sneaking out....

I like the sequenced images that you chose.
It makes my heart happy to see them there, and to know that BLM pens are behind them forever now. What a wonderful place they have for a home. Nearly as good as the wild one they lost. : )

I am sorry I will not see the final release day and open house. I am sure you will get someone to capture that! Looking forward to the new images. Enjoy open house and the girls...... <3 Send a kiss
  Beautiful horses! I especially love the pinto. Wish I could take pictures of them. :)
  Terri is that open house next weekend???? Will the special guest be in attendence???? That would be so cool if he was and he could welcome Dancer and Sage to their new turf...

Dancer and Sage look wonderful. I am so happy that their long prison term is now over and that they can choose to run and play or eat in lots of land.

  Yes! The Open House is next Saturday and we throw the gates open Sunday morning.
Please come to either or both events. I'll be autographing books on Saturday and the Calico mares will be in their corral, watching all the activity.
The Phantom will be roaming the five thousand acres. No one ever knows if he'll come into sigh.
Sunday,bring cameras, camcorders and kids. Please bring children. They won't forget the magic!
  Oh, the pictures of these ladies when the trailer door opened ... absolutely priceless!

Where is this event taking place? NV?
  The event is at the WILD HORSE SANCTUARY in Shingletown, CA
about halfway between Susanville and Redding, California.
We would LOVE to have you therefor the open house on Saturday or the quiet freeing on Sunday.
  Hello Terri; Catkindsfather et al.;

what a beautiful and heartwarming story to read and know the Mares have found their forever pine tree and pasture home; I can see the sigh of relief on their faces as the Mares step out of trailer...!

thanks so much...Anna
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