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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pointed Art

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 5:53 PM

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Comments: Oh my gosh ... Terri, this is PERFECT! Do you know the artist? And how we can get this out to the public? I am going to share on fb ... but this needs to get into editorial sections of printed news, as well. Unless it already has?
  This is from Bonnie Matton, president of the Wild Horse Preservation League:

Though we wild horse advocates are fighting hard to save our wild ones, at times it seems like a hopeless cause. Well, it isn't - we will never give up! All of our on-going nationwide letter-writing and phone call campaigns, emails, newspaper and magazine letters-to-the-editor, and much coverage written about the plight of our American Heritage, IS DEFINITELY MAKING A DIFFERENCE.

And, because of the above, BLM has now started writing rebuttal articles in newspapers as there is so much bad publicity (WELL DESERVED). The press is staying with it in continuing to get those articles out to the general public. I thought if we could get a really powerful cartoon out there, am sure the press will pick it up and run with it.

Attached is a political cartoon, designed and drawn by Ed Rector, one of our very artistically-talented WHPL members. I gave him the general theme I thought it should be, and he ran with it! [Esther Rector helped with ideas for the cartoon, also.] I am in the process of sending it to as many newspapers and press associations I know of.

But, here's what I need all of you do ASAP to help get this cartoon to as many people we can throughout the United States:

Please forward this email to everyone you know, not only WH&B advocates, but friends and family as well, asking them to email it to their local newspapers and contacts they know. It will take a little bit of online searching to find their email addresses but, The more coverage it gets, the more powerful it will become.
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