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Terri Farley
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Moving Day for Calico Mountain Mares

Dear Readers,
The horse trailer crew from Wild Horse Mentors beat me to the corrals at Palomino Valley on Monday morning.
My excuse: I stopped to get donuts for everyone. Yes, for the BLM staff, too. Why? For the same reason I rarely use staffers' names:the ugliest decisions come down from the top.
The wrangler separated Ghost Dancer and Sage away from their corral-mates after all of the gates closed so that there was just one path and it led to the red horse trailer.
photos by Sharon Lamm, LRTC

They didn't like the look of a rope draped overhead.

Still they went on.

Then, just when it looked like both horses were going to get into the trailer --

Ghost Dancer's lead mare attitude asserted itself. She turned and faced the wrangler. So did Sage. They split around him and bolted back the way they'd come.

Next time down the path, they entered the trailer.
Photos of the mares' arrival at the Wild Horse Sanctuary tomorrow!

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 5:39 PM

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Comments: haha! Yeah for that valiant effort on Ghost's part and Sage's! =) The horse the wrangler is riding looks like he or she is saying.."What?? You think I like doing this??"

  Nice photos Sharon! To think I missed all of this, waiting at the Bordertown casino. I lke the other end of the story anyway, arriving at the sanctuary, : )
What a wonderful home they have now!

Please donate to "The Wild Horse Sanctuary" in Shingletown, California, the new home for Ghost Dancer and Sage.
  Aww that is funny! (:
Arent those the horses u adopted?
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