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Saturday, December 11, 2010


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Dear Readers,
Which books have made you cry?
I'm talking about gut feeling, here, not appreciation for great literature.
Can you remember a story or character that caught and squeezed your heart so that you couldn't stop the tears
--even though you knew the characters didn't exist in the real world
--even though they weren't flesh or fur, simply ink on a page
--even though you knew you could close the book cover and walk away?
Please share,


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Posted by Terri Farley @ 11:30 AM

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Comments: The Phantoms lead mare in "Desert Dancer" Really broke my heart. and the Phantom too! Being Captured by the BLM constantly and then Slocum never leaving them alone! GRR!
  The Last Valentine
  The three books by Kim Meeder telling about the youth ranch she runs...the stories she puts in are so touching...the books are called Bridge Called Hope, Hope Rising, and Blind Hope (I think).

And also I just finished reading a book called Sir Kendrik and the Castle of Bel Lione, which is a Biblical allegory and a really good one at that...that one made me cry a little...

It's really hard to make me cry, though, in a book.XD

  Coming Home by Lauren Brooke as part of the Heartland series.
  "Where the Red Fern Grows" Made me howl each time. I cannot get past that book. When I read stories like that I remember to NOT wear mascara like that gal in the picture! lol =)

  -Warriors (plenty of times..)
-Marley And Me

...There are others but I can't pinpoint them.
  A Severe Mercy had me crying many times througout the authors journey. This is a non-fictional account of the author's life with Davey. He calls it a biography of their love. His nickname in the book is Van, full name is Sheldon VanAuken? spell check. But, A Severe Mercy is a book I have read several times due to the incredible story.
  Anne of Green Gables. I love that story series soo much
  Acually, I'm an author myself, and my own books have made me cry many times. They aren't particularly sad fantasies. They're just emotional, and no one could be more emotional about them than me, because I created every creature and caracter that lives within that world I wrote. I love them all!

Have your books ever made you cry Terri?
  in book 24 when jake told sam her friend isn't here no more i balded
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