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Terri Farley
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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Palomino goes to Washington

Dear Readers,
Palomino Armstrong -- foster mom to HoneyBandit, Chilly Pepper, DaBubbles, Patches -- and human mom to two great boys, is, at this very moment in Washington D.C.
She will be telling our legislators the TRUTH as she's lived it day-to-day-to-day with horses abused by BLM.
Please send her and Jennifer, who has been beside Palomino and HoneyBandit from Day 1, all of your best wishes. It's possible, I KNOW IT IS, that they will help stop the round-ups and save the mustangs.
Want to peek over my shoulder and read what Palomino has to say tonight?
Read on...

Hi from Washington D.C., Wow is it different from Shingletown. It has been crazy busy, leaving Redding last night at midnight and getting to D.C. this afternoon. Met some wonderful people on the plane who are extremely interested in helping change things. (Of course we trapped them on the plane and made them watch HB's video haha) Just kidding of course. We did watch his video several times though; it is amazing how many people have no idea that their wild horses are being rounded up. OR that their tax dollars hard at work is what pays for these roundups.

It is a good group, and after having a bite to eat, we all met up again and finished getting the informational packets ready for tomorrow. I don't think anyone got much sleep last night, so people were pretty beat, but they cowboy'ed up anyway and we "got er done".

Sitting in our hotel room, (in a very very old building), we can hear someone playing (trumpet??? / clarinet????) outside. It is sort of a melancholy tune, and it really adds to the ambiance, especially after seeing the big cities on t.v.

Am struggling to keep my eyelids open. Talked to everyone at home, and they are all doing well. It is so weird not to hear HB munching away, and instead hear cars driving by. Man am I glad I get to hear him and not this every night. The music is nice, but everywhere there is cement and apartment buildings.

Tomorrow begins bright and early, and is going to be a big day. We will be presenting factual information regarding the reality of this type of "herd management", and discussing the results of their choices. Brogan, Cinnamon, Jennifer, Leslie, Carla, and John are all here helping and more are coming tomorrow.

Have a great night. Just wanted to let ya'll know what is happening. Will keep ya'll informed of what happens in our meetings.

Am missing Honey Bandit and the rest of the crew like crazy. I know Matt is taking perfect care of him, but it is still a very big deal to be this far away. But it is a small world Leslie (Peeples) is a friend of my little sister Tami's in Washington. :)


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Posted by Terri Farley @ 10:14 PM

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Comments: She made it! : ) I was happy to get a copy of this email too. So awesome she has joined our other angels in D.C. to speak for our wild horses and burros. Honey bandits story must be told.

You rock Palomino! Get 'er done, as you say.
  Thank You and Wishing you all the luck our Wild Horses and Burro's need all the help they can get before it's to late. Thanks again!

was this the trip in which they originally planned to take Honey Bandit?

Does anyone know what her plans are .. is she going to testify at a hearing or just visit different legislators?

Sorry for all the questions. I knew she had planned to go in the spring but was unaware she was going so soon.

Thanks ...
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