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Friday, January 14, 2011

Honeybandit Update

Look at those eyelashes!

Dear Readers,
Here's an update from Palomino & the Shingletown Miracle crew :)
It's Thursday night, and I am sitting here thinking about how far Honey Bandit has come. From that tiny little guy who could not stand up or lift his head for the first three weeks, to the amazing eating machine that he is today. We have been through so much, and sometimes it seemed hard to see anything better in the future. It is amazing how you can just put your mind in limbo when the outcome is too scary. I know probably most everyone out there knows what I am talking about. When the future looks too scary to acknowledge, you just focus on the now, the right now, and nothing else.

When I look back at the pictures, and especially those wonderful videos that Sue made, I am truly amazed at the amount of heart this little guy has. I guess I have been especially lucky to have such fighters in my barn. Starting with Chilly Pepper, then Honey Bandit and then DaBubbles. I guess God sent them to me to remind me not to give up the fight, and to remind me that you should never give up, no matter how much pain you are in. (If I was a good horse, I would have been put out down a long time ago)
slumber party

As most of you know, Honey Bandit still has some neurological issues. Tonight I came home from town, and the boys were inside getting dinner ready. Matt had been outside about 45 minutes earlier and everything was fine. I came into our "barn", (carport) and said hi to the cat. As soon as he heard my voice, Honey Bandit let out a cry for help. He kept calling me in a manner I have never heard from him. He was so stuck. He was actually in a position where it was physically impossible for him to flip over or get up. It is weird though, because I am here night after night when he gets cast, and he always stays quiet. It was so weird for him to be calling me like that. I went into his stall and he lifted his head and looked at me, kind of like, "mom - get me out of here". I called Matt and the boys came out to help. He was in a weird position, and I was afraid that when we flipped him he would be stuck again on the back door. But all is well. We got him "unstuck", helped him over and when he got up, had a good shake, and walked over and started to eat. On a good note though, we have been giving him lots of time to "figure things out on his own". Two out of the last 7 or 8 times, he has managed to "git ER done" and get himself out of his little pickle. So that in itself is a good thing. A little bit of progress at a time will eventually be a lot of progress, as he has show so well. We keep as much straw as we can around the edges of his stall, but can't put too much due to the size of the stall.

Hugs and God Bless P & the gang

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 10:24 PM

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Comments: wow im so glad he is getting better everyday, especially because he has terri who we all now will always take care of him and many others. please kiss honey bandit for me!
  oh they look so warm and cozy.. wish I could get warm in all that soft velvety horse fur to. =) Looks like honeybandit proved the vets wrong and he'll turn into a handsome young stalli.

  He's in the herd of my heart, but PALOMINO is his human mama, I'm just his auntie :)
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