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Terri Farley
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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Bitterness Reeks

Dear Readers,
Have you ever spent hours or even days, brooding & aching over a person who maintains power by spreading verbal poison? I have. I did a little too much of that today :)
But, hello? Who knows how many hours of life we have left?
WHAT A WASTE. It's our heart that aches, not their's.
And have you ever noticed how alone you are while all that bitterness and self pity is going on?

When I lived in Los Gatos, each time the dogs escaped, they'd tip over garbage cans behind a local fish market and roll in rotten fish guts. Zooey & Eve -- an English setter & a collie -- were sweet, affectionate dogs and boy did they get their feelings hurt when, later, I didn't want to cuddle.

When we humans roll around in our own bitterness, we REEK and others, even if they love us, would rather not get too close.

Don't let the bad guys win.


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Posted by Terri Farley @ 6:33 PM

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Comments: I have just now been able to catch up on what is going on with Honeybandit.
I am so glad to read he is doing good. Am my goodness he has grown!
Ah, I know to well the whole bitterness thing. Though I have to say the older I have gotten, the more I have learned not to dwell. It takes way too much energy and I can use my energy for positive acts in this world.
Okay, I admit it, when the negative people get too me enough, well, I just go outside and throw rocks until all my aggression is out.
Sometimes I wish an animal abuser or a child abuser was at the recieving end of those rocks!
  Amen, Terri.:)

  Good advice Terri. We do need to let it out, when the uglies creep in.
Don't let it go viral, but do cleanse.
Keep it in the light, We are sure to win!
  Right on, Terri, very well said! Bitterness does, indeed, REEK!!!

You said so MUCH, with so few words. Thank you :D

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