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Saturday, January 01, 2011


Palomino Armstrong and HoneyBandit, BLM survivor

Dear Readers,
It's time to GROW A BACKBONE and let the people who've declared war on horses -- wild and tame -- know that dollar $igns aren't a good enough reason to bring back American horse slaughter factories.
The Summit of the Horse will be held in Las Vegas, two days from now. It's sponsored by United Horseman, a pro-horse slaughter group.
"We are experienced horse people who have the best interest of the horse at heart and seek unification of our country's horsemen and horsewomen in promoting horse welfare,” said Dave Duquette, group president. “We're speaking with a unified voice for horses and horse people.”
The thing is
No, this isn't about horse welfare; it's about Greed, one of the Seven Deadly Sins.
No, you do not have the best interests of horses at heart. Betcha a lie detector test would show interest in your bank account, not horses, at heart.
(AT HEART? Seriously?)
And finally, no, you are not speaking for horses and horse people.
In fact, I'm issuing a Victorian "how dare you?" and I bet I have some company in asking HOW DARE YOU say you are speaking for me?
Most horse people would do back-flips to avoid a union with you. The ick factor there is nearly as nauseating as UH vice-president Sue Wallis's suggestion.
Wallis, a state senator under investigation for fraud & ethics violations, wants U.S. horse flesh (so full of drugs that horse-eating nations won't accept it)fed to school children and the poor.
I know thousands of students who'd have something to say about that. If UH wants to kill the school lunch program nationwide, let them fire up a press release celebrating the info that Wyoming kids are being served filet of Flicka.
More chilling than UH's boasts is this: BLM DIRECTOR BOB ABBEY is a featured speaker at the pro-slaughter convention. Director Abbey told me face-to-face that slaughter is not a viable option for healthy horses.
Does that mean the option is on the table for mistreated foals like HoneyBandit (shown above?) or that Director Abbey's had a change of heart?
You pay Director Abbey's salary.

Please express you opinion here:

Director: Bob Abbey
E-mail: (cut & paste or type this into your email form)

Chief of Staff: Janet Lin
E-mail: (cut & paste or type this into your email form)

Or use:
Director Bob Abbey
BLM Washington Office
1849 C Street NW, Rm. 5665
Washington DC 20240

Start the year off as you mean to go on!

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 2:00 PM

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Comments: "Grow a Backbone" is a much needed trend among advocates. All of us have been guilty of dancing with the devil in hopes of him listening to our point of view and it just has not happened.

The Slaughterfest will be hosted by a convicted cattle rustler and stalker with such great speakers, along with Bob Abbey, like a BLM contractor who pled down a federal charge of herding wild horses by helicopter and then sending them to slaughter...nice company you keep, Abbey.

Hopefully Abbey will have a last minute scheduling problem but if he does have the gall to show up at this BloodFest the gloves more than just come won't be pretty.
  I think Honeybandit is getting more and more handsome everyday, if that were possible.

I thank God that Palomino was there at the right time and knew what to do to help him. I know I wouldn't.

If tptb weren't so set on their methods (which are flawed) they would know that seperating a nursing mare and foal could result in that foal being orphaned. But then maybe this is what they are hoping for--orphan foals don't usually survive and since they don't exist (as per BLM) they don't have to fess up to how many have actually died.

Methinks an easy way to avoid alot of the problems is to mark the mare with paint. Give her a number or letter. And then a corresponding one for the foal. That way they'd at least get the right foals in with the right mares. Unless someone dumps a mare in with the stallions like they did with Ghost Dancer!

Note to Terri--Is Dancer pregnant? I bet she'd have totally beautiful amazing babies.
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