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Terri Farley
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Saturday, April 09, 2011

Mud & Blood: Wild Horses' Hellish Spring at BLM's Butterfield

Dear Readers,
I enjoy the cozy days and gentle rains of early spring, but after seeing what's happening in the government's wild horse corrals near Salt Lake City, I feel guilty and gloomy. BLM speaks of rescuing mustangs to create healthy horses and healthy rangelands. After seeing this, you'll find it hard to believe anything they say.

Eye-Witness video of wild horses at Butterfield

Please use the email link and phone number at the end of the film to state your opinion.

The horses can't speak for themselves, but their eyes appeal to you to save them.
Please use your head and heart to help,

p.s. here's what I wrote; feel free to borrow

I generally enjoy the showers of April. I love hiking the range in northern Nevada to see wildflowers and wild horse herds full of new foals.
Video shot at BLM's Butterfield Short Term holding corrals on March 15, 2011 shows a hellish spring for wild horses. These conditions are cruel and unhealthy for any species.
Please get some dry soil in there for the horses.
I've made loud public comments blaming independent contractors for most of the abuse of America's wild horses, but these animals are in the hands of BLM. Please step up and do what's right.
Terri Farley

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