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Terri Farley
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Baby Suri update from Palomino

Dear Readers,
Yesterday I introduced you to Suri, a filly born and orphaned on the Virginia Range. Here's my most recent note from Palomino:

Suri is hanging in there. She is still exhausted, and completely without energy, but she reminds me of HB because she LOVES TO EAT.
She still has temperature issues. Today she was out in the sun, warm as can be, and all of a sudden her temperature dropped to 96. So we took her back to the stall and she was in her blanky and enjoying the heat lamps.
Her little legs have been like ice cubes, which is very dangerous, so we put her in leg warmers. But, finally I used my brain and put a light strip of vet wrap at the top of her leg warmers, which helped to hold them on. She was very chic, matching leg warmers and pretty red vet wrap at the top.
Suri is still having trouble getting up and down, but we are pretty sure it is just from exhaustion and we're expecting her to eat her way to lots of energy.

She whinnies every time you go near her, and for a couple of seconds showed that she is a wild foal and can be quite feisty.
She is learning to lead a little bit. Normally I wouldn't start with a halter on their head, as pulling on it can remind them of a mountain lion that would pull down their head to kill them. But we had to improvise with her, and she is doing well. Like all the rest of the mustangs, she is extremely smart.

Readers, I'll keep you updated with photos & notes!

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 9:30 AM

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Comments: Its so awesome to see the new foals Palomino takes in and raises! Such a blessing to see them grow.
Always in our prayers
  Terry, may the angels lift prayers on their wings for little Suri
  May the angels lift up my prayers for Suri on their wings
  Palomino is like a mustang angel. I love hearing her stories of all the mustangs she has helped!
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