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Terri Farley
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Dear Readers,
When I was honored by the Nevada Writers Hall of Fame for "mid-career excellence" the words brought me up short.
Six romances + 36 middle grade PHANTOMS + 1 YA novel + a stampede of non-fiction articles --!
I don't think I'll double that count, but I've been wrong before about my runaway muse.
I do want to take my career in several different directions and I'm fortunate that two women of rare taste and judgment :) will have my back!

Karen Solem ofSpencerhill Ltd. my longtime agent and world-class communicator, represents me with all things PHANTOM and she's encouraged me to consider writing a new West work of women's fiction. That's her specialty and I have this idea...
I met Abigail Saumon of Red Fox Literarya few years ago at a SCBWI weekend retreat at St. Mary's Art Center in Virginia City, Nevada.
Then, she was an editor. Now, she's the head of her own agency and we're exploring new adventures for YA and younger readers. I'm excited by her energetic personality and fresh approach to the crazy world of publishing.

I love storytelling and I wouldn't get to work and play at it without my readers.
Hugs to you all and THANKS!

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