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Terri Farley
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Love Poem with Horses

Love Poem

by Paul Zimmer

In southern France live two old horses,
High in the foothills, not even French,
But English, retired steeplechasers
Brought across to accept an old age
Of ambling together in the Pyrenees.
At times they whinny and kick
At one another with impatience,
But they have grown to love each other.

In time the gelding grows ill
And is taken away for treatment.
The mare pines, pokes at her food,
Dallies on her rides until the other
Comes home.

She is in her stall
When the trailer rumbles
Through the gate into the field,
And she sings with impatience
Until her door is opened.

Then full
Of sound and speed, in need of
Each other, they entwine their necks,
Rub muzzles, bumping flanks
To embrace in their own way.
Together they prance to
The choicest pasture,
Standing together and apart,
To be glad until
They can no longer be glad.

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 10:30 AM

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Comments: I had two old horses once and they were like a couple, like this. Oh, this is lovely, thanks so much!!
  sweet equine love. Thank you.
  Nice one Terri. Wishing these two could be reunited. I wonder how they would behave? Thanks for sharing.
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