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Monday, July 11, 2011

Needed: Blog Test (non)Dummies

"Help, help, this is a serious cry for help!"
Kermit the Frog, the MUPPET MOVIE

Dear Readers,
I admit I'm
-- in over my head
-- lost and confused
-- technologically challenged
but I'm beginning to think there's more than that going on. My blog WABI SABI WEST tells me it only has two followers.
I would take this to heart (and take to my bed, sobbing...uh, no, too hot for that)
if I hadn't tried repeatedly to sign up for my own blog & failed.
If you have time to give it a try & share your diagnosis, here's a link to my home page . Just click on my blog & see if you're able to subscribe.
This is not a transparent attempt to snag subscribers. It is, a Kermit the frog said


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Posted by Terri Farley @ 1:51 PM

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Comments: I was able to subscribe, but it required a lot of clicks and determination. If I'd been casually clicking, I would have given up.
  There are probably people who follow the blog, but aren't actually subscribed to the blog.
  I clicked on the link to the home page provided in your Monday blog but didn't see any link to subscribe on your home page.

So, I clicked on the link to the blog and it took me back to where I started. Then I clicked on the link to the home page and started to read about The White stallion. After that, I forgot what I was doing. :))

I also tried to do this earlier in the week, ended up on my home page, which I never use (I have set my browser to launch a different page at sign on)
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